Would You Like to Learn How to Manifest Anything your Heart Desires with Joy and Effortless Ease?
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Hi, my name is Jafree and I am going to reveal to you the most precious and powerful Manifesting Secrets which will show you exactly how you can effortlessly attract,  create and manifest anything you want into your life.

This proven manifestation technology will teach you HOW to access your natural manifesting powers. The moment you begin tapping into this amazing energy, you'll FEEL the enlightening shift happen inside your body.

You'll be flooded with powerful cosmic manifesting energy. You'll naturally feel more inspired, overflowing with gratitude, and excited about your life.

My 90 Day Super Manifesting Program will help you remove whatever financial limitations, emotional insecurities, or mental negativity that is blocking your way. Whatever is stopping you from receiving your dream life will dissapear immediately from your life. 

You will get crystal clear on what it is you want to manifest, and understand the exact steps you need to take in order to manifest it. You will also learn how to relax, have FUN and enjoy this sacred journey along the way. 

All of this magic occurs through taking these vital steps (below) that will increase your Manifesting Vibration.  
Follow My Program for 90 Days In a Row and I Personally Guarantee You Will Watch Your Dream Life Begin to Manifest Right In Front of Your EYES!
(check out what Bayan manifested into her life...)
I know this may sound far out there, yet truly miraculous things have magically
shown up for people even after a few days of using my manifestation program. 

I know that awakening some incredible hidden manifesting power inside you sounds a bit crazy, yet for the past 14+ years, my Super Manifesting Program has worked for EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has used it.  

Yes, tens of thousands of people from 18 to 85+ years old in over 65+ countries around the world are applying my manifesting formula and creating the most AMAZING results in their lives!  

I have over 150+ Testimonials that have been spontaneously emailed to me from people all around the world (just like you) who were curious and wanted to know the REAL secrets to manifesting.

Simply apply the Manifestation Technology for 90 days or less, and you can sit back and be completely amazed at how your desires are effortlessly manifesting into your life.

There are 8 Manifesting Habits found inside my Super Manifesting Program which are100% proven to work. 

They will dramatically increase your energy, expand your consciousness, ignite your natural Divine creative energy and turn you into a POWERFUL MANIFESTING MONEY MAGNET!
Yes, that's me taking a money bath in $20,000!!

When you begin using my manifesting technology, amazing things will start happening for you too. 

One wonderful side benefit is that you'll start attracting greater financial abundance into your life.

When you listen my 4 Money Manifesting Meditations and go through my 12 Day Money Manifestation Ecourse you too will dramatically increase your Financial Frequency and turn yourself into a powerful MONEY MAGNET! 

Having an abundance of money is a fantastic aspect of increasing your Manifesting Vibration, yet I feel that the most important gift you'll receive from my program is this...

You'll have an AMAZING FEELING waking up every morning, because you'll know exactly HOW to EFFORTLESSLY MANIFEST ANYTHING your HEART DESIRES.
I can personally guarantee that when you download this program and start using it daily, you will start manifesting your dream life.
The Super Manifesting Program will transform ANY struggles you have with money, relationships, health, society, love, intimacy or any problem you feel is just too big to solve.  

You will experience soooooo many massive positive shifts you may not recognize how much you have transformed after 90 days when you look in the mirror.  

It has created REAL FINANCIAL SUCCESS for people who were deeply stuck in debt for years.  

It has helped people attract their soul mate and create the most loving healing healthy relationships.  

Its helped create radical health and healing in people who have been struggling with energy and battling illnesses for years.  

Its opened up peak states of life motivation for those who could barely get out of bed. 

Yes, the Super Manifesting Program works for ALL types of people from all backgrounds and belief systems.  

You simply have to be willing to follow the program for 90 days, and be open to receiving the abundance the Universe wishes to give you.
Anything You Want To Manifest Is Possible!
You'll truly know that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE in this life and learn the secrets how to access your natural manifesting powers. 

My best advice for you at this point in the game is to do whatever you can to let go of any limiting beliefs stopping you implementing this manifesting mindset in your life.

The Super Manifestor Program is 100% digital, which makes it a lot more affordable.

Download the program (below), while it's still on SALE at this SUPER DISCOUNTED OFFER.

You you still have a few hours to get it for this crazy low price...

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Now here is the most important question of all...

When you access your manifestation abilities, what will be the first thing on your long list of desires to manifest? 

Will you want total financial freedom, a romantic meeting with your soul mate, a beautiful new home, a new car, your perfect body, or perhaps a 3-month vacation in paradise?  

If you had to choose just ONE thing... what would it be? 

By applying my proven manifesting formula for the next 90 days, I guarantee you will manifest THIS ONE THING and something even more amazing!

You will receive a deep inner knowing that you can manifest ANYTHING THAT YOU DESIRE for the rest of your life. 

My Super Manifesting Program has an unbelievable 100% success rate. 

Yes, it has worked for every single person who has followed it for 90 days in a row.

Yes, becoming the authority of your life, the one who is creating your dream reality is an amazing thing. It is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Check out the gift that D.P. gave himself below... 
How You Can Increase your Manifesting Vibration Right Now...
I want to invite you to explore a mini-manifesting technique I channelled JUST so you can feel a subtle shift in your life from perusing through my website today.
Right now, imagine that I waved a magical wand over your head,  and you have no bills, no responsibilities, no obligations, no burdens, and nothing weighing you down.

I wave the wand again, and now you have an unlimited amount of time, energy and magical support from the infinite Universe.

You are tapped into an infinite source of creativity, love and power with no real boundaries on your imagination.

Your future is a completely blank canvas in which you can paint anything you want on it.

Just take advantage of this precious moment right now to drop into the FEELING of it in your body. 

Imagine that this feeling is showing up everyday in your life. 

Just like when you were a child, you could imagine anything. You imagined yourself playing a role in a game and went FULLY into it.  You could dream up anything!

When you continue to tap into this magical unbounded feeling inside you, visualize how it has affected details of your personal life over the next 3 months...

Paint the picture in your mind that you're now living your DREAM LIFE and everything you desired has magically shown up.

What do you see, feel and experience happening?
What do you want to DO, BE and HAVE in your life?
What is it like have everything that your heart desires?

Dreaming up your perfect future is the first step on this journey. If you don't know what you want, you are completely disconnected from your life mission. The program is designed to get you in touch with that with a few powerful exercises...

When you realize how FUN it is wake up every morning living your life's mission, you are going to be jumping out of bed and crying tears of JOY.

You know, I don't believe you've stumbled upon this website by chance. I believe that the all-intelligent Universe doesn't make mistakes. Everything is according to divine intervention.

I truly believe that YOU are destined for greatness and deserve to live the most amazing life that your heart is dreaming about.

It's Time to Stop Struggling and Start Manifesting a Totally Abundant and Magical LIFE!
When you realize that manifesting is a science, something that you can learn in school you understand that its not some mystical magical gift bestowed on only the elite few.

Once you know how to increase your Manifesting Vibration and keep your mind ONLY positively directed towards what you want (instead of what you don't want) it will work for you every time. It is a science and completely flawless. 

Truly, anything is possible when you're applying the secrets of this ancient manifestation technology. People sometimes gasp at what they see mysteriously showing up in their life from out of the blue! 

Its not a coincidence I've been spontaneously emailed over 150+ testimonials through the years.

It's also good to know that every single person who has completed my 90-Day Manifesting Program has had something amazing to declare. 

My program is powerful because it works on your deepest emotional, financial and mental blocks. It teaches you HOW to open up your stuck blocked energy and transform it into gold.

The Super Manifesting Program will retrain your brain so you attract REAL success in any endeavor that you do. You'll release negative beliefs stopping you from realizing your mission, life purpose and find your unlimited potentiality.

People experience a deep cellular transformation that allows them to operate at a higher level of consciousness which is what allows them to effortlessly magnetize ANYTHING they desire with joy! 

In less than 90 days from now, you'll release all your blocks with money and start attracting the financial freedom you deserve to have.

So this leads us to revealing one of my SECRETS to MANIFESTING ANYTHING YOU DESIRE. 

The secret is learning how to retrain your brain (literally rewire the neurons in your thinking) so that you remain focused on WHAT YOU WANT and are able to ignore thinking about what you DON'T WANT.

You need to expand your consciousness so that it perpetually redirects your thinking to remaining positively focused ON feeling what your heart desires, AS IF it has already come true. 

Practice this ONE technique for 17 continuous seconds everyday, and you will JUMPSTART your Manifesting Engines.  

Follow the entire 8 Habits Manifesting Routine for 90 Days and you'll ignite your entire energy field and become a massive MANIFESTING MAGNET that is attracting everything that it wants. 
The next question you might have is how to retrain the brain to remain positively focused on what you desire, and never to entertain a negative thought again?

It's vital to understand that your brain is not hardwired, yet is highly malleable.  You can program it like a computer to do anything you want. Whatever you point your awareness towards will establish a stronger neuronal pathway.

By practicing my Quiet Mind Manifesting Meditation daily, you will reboot the old thinking patterns and expand your consciousness so that the brain effortlessly opens up to this positive flow on its own accord. 

The meditation takes you on a journey to releasing all thoughts from your brain. Do the meditation for a few weeks and you will feel the reboot taking place. 

This quiet mind creates a new vibrational space so that miraculous things can begin manifesting for you.  

Yes, miracles can begin showing up right out of the blue! 

One woman who trying to get pregnant for years used my fertility meditation and was finally able to get pregnant within 2 months and carry her baby full term. She now has a healthy baby boy! 

Yes, this program is for REAL and it is 100% GUARANTEED to help you manifest whatever it is that you are yearning to have in 90 days or less.
"So...Jafree, What's The Hidden Story Behind Your Manifesting Program?"
How did the Super Manifesting Program get started? 

In 2001, there was a point after my life where my daily life was a perpetual struggle to survive.
I could not manifest enough money to pay the rent.
I was deeply depressed due to a divorce, my father's suicide.
I was in a habitual argument with everybody close to me.
I spent most of my days lying around, gaining weight, making excuses, doing nothing and hoping that my life would change.
I was completely broke, overwhelmed with bills, and had no real job to make money.
I was living a very unhealthy diet and lifestyle that gave me very low energy and made me constantly grumpy and tired. I was in a dark deep rut.
To top it all off, I had borrowed $20,000 from credit cards which was all lost in the stock market crash in 2001.
One cloudy afternoon in the deepest pit of my depression and despair, I had hit rock bottom and was about to have an experience that changed my life forever. 

I was lying flat on the floor in a deeply depressed apathetic state....feeling so overwhelmed with bills and no job to pay them with, that I just gave up and surrendered to the Universe.

In one moment, I could do nothing but completely let go of it all. 

It felt like a death of who I believed myself to be. 

I was totally still, the body unmoving, completely relaxed into the floor, and I fell into the essence of my soul.

In a few minutes a miracle occurred... 

I received an enormous download of information that felt like it came from the highest loving intelligence in the entire Universe. 

A huge surge of energy rushed through my entire body. It was as if I was struck by lightning from within. I had LOADS of amazing new ideas that had to be recorded.

Immediately I started to write everything down on my computer. 

I wrote for many hours every day for the next several years.

What I wrote down the first year is now the backbone of the Super Manifesting Program. It is called the Manifesting Manual, and contains the 8 Essential Manifesting Habits that will raise your vibration and turn you into a manifesting magnet!

I wanted to test out each habit in my own life and see how it changed me personally. In the next few weeks, as I followed all 8 of these habits, my energy and consciousness increased so dramatically that I felt truly unstoppable.

I was sleeping less, eating less, having more energy, creativity, and motivation. I then mysteriously started attracting the most amazing people, situations and soon some very dreamy manifestations. 

I decided to do the manifesting meditations for my financial life, and within a few months, the most AMAZING financially abundance came to me, from right out of the blue!

After just 45 days the results were staggering!

Every negative aspect of my life had drastically changed.

Here's a real-life photo of myself having a Money Shower after a few months after I invented my Manifesting Program. 

I did the manifesting meditations every day and was...

I was gifted $20,000 cash from a group of generous trusting people I didn't even know!
(Yes, those are all $100's)
  • I was literally gifted $20,000 from the Universe
  •  My monthly income had tripled 
  •  TONS of new coaching clients started showing up rapidly
  •  I took an exotic 4-week dream vacation to Costa Rica
  •  I was reaching peak states of energy every day effortlessly
  •  I experienced major emotional, mental and spiritual highs every day without much effort (this is such a blissful feeling...)

For the first time in many years, I felt genuinely happy, excited about my future and literally everything in my life. 

I felt unstoppable! 

I woke up in the mornings with deep appreciation for myself, my life and all the wonderful people in it. 

After this HUGE transformation occured, I felt this enormous urge to help everyone around me.

These 8 habits were soooo powerful that they could not be kept from everyone else. 

I knew they could enlighten the lives of every human being on the planet.

They were practical and powerful enough that they could help anyone (like myself) who was at the bottomless pit of despair. 

I was able to go from being penniless, jobless and lost deep in a financial rut to becoming debt free and living my life purpose.

 It wasn't an easy transition the entire time. I have to admit that in the beginning I  was very skeptical about everything.

The money I manifested was very very real, yet how it happened and WHY it manifested I didn't understand completely yet.
I needed some real personal proof, some physical evidence just to know for myself because deep down I feel that am a scientist inside.
I need hard core proof to convince me when something is real.

I needed to understand how ANYONE who applied this information could experience the same shift in energy, enthusiasm and consciousness that I did.

I believe these 8 Manifesting Habits are the golden secrets that will convince you that manifesting is a REAL science that works for everyone. 

They are the backbone to the program and arewhat saved me from self-destruction.

I know they will assist you with whatever battle you are facing in your life today.

When you are flooding your brain with feelings of joy, self-worth, connection, inner peace, inspiration, you too will will feel like you are unstoppable.

You will know that anything is possible...
Imagine, this week YOU 
Suddenly Started Manifesting:
  •  Financial freedom
  •  A super fit healthy body
  •  Your ideal dream home
  •  A career that you absolutely love
  •  A deeply loving enlightening soul mate relationship
  •  An unstoppable resource of creativity and energy
  •  A spiritually enlightening existence
We've had over 2.4 million visitors come through our online store and when they grab the latest copy of our Super Manifestation Program, EVERYONE has reported it was one of the most effective, healing and profound enlightening manifestation experiences they've ever had in their life!

The Super Manifesting Program is so powerful that you will receive a 100% Results Guarantee, meaning you will get the results YOU WANT in less than 3 months of following it. 

We are going to give you the Manifesting Technology to physically attract ANYTHING that your heart desires in 90 days or less.

Once you learn how fun and easy this sacred manifestation formula actually is, you will want to do it all the time. 

It's highly addicting.

It will only increase your manifestation power to attract ANY DREAM OR DESIRE YOU HAVE FASTER and EASIER.
Yes, your life is about to radically change...
It does not matter how old you are, how tired and uneducated you think you are, how deeply stuck in painful debt you may feel, or however many negative personal emotional issues that you're fighting and facing daily.

When you are experiencing this manifestation technology, you are increasing your vibration and SKYROCKETING your life. 

You're able to attract your dreams MUST FASTER and EASIER. 

Whatever you desire is already effortlessly on its way to YOU.

Are you ready to stop working sooooo hard to pay your bills and learn just a few of these ancient manifesting secrets? 

Each one is like a JOLT of energy for tapping into the infinite source of divine creative unlimited power hidden inside you.

Yes, you will feel like a billion dollars, and totally unstoppable at manifesting the dream life you've been praying for. 

Your dream life is possible at this moment. 

YES, it is waiting for you. 

Are you ready for it?  

Click on the video below to learn Jafree's Secrets to Becoming a Manifesting Magnet! 
Get ready to improve every single aspect of your life in the most amazing ways!

How Can I Be Soooooo Confident That My Super Manifestor Program Will Work For YOU?
After my spiritual awakening journey to India, I was guided to write down these practical manifesting steps which later turned into a 250+ page Manifesting Manual. I have personally been using my 8 manifesting habits on my coaching clients since 1997, and as of today it has helped thousands of people from all around the world learn how to manifest their dreams.

I immediately shared these steps with my clients and within a few weeks, I started receiving the most amazing testimonials.

I've done over 15 years of research on over 1500 years of information in the field of manifesting and have tested it on myself and hundreds of personal clients. 

Many people who were deeply challenged in their lives. 

Some of my clients were financially broke, facing possible divorce, afraid to leave their home, or stuck in a dead job they didn't enjoy.

What happened was that the Super Manifesting Program increased their Manifesting Vibration and they created outrageous success in whatever area of life they wanted.

These are ancient manifesting secrets which have been around for over 1500 years. 

They make the impossible possible... 

As you read below, many testify that the results they discovered are amazing.

Tens of thousands of people from 65+ different countries around the world have manifested AMAZING results using my program so it WILL WORK FOR YOU.

I know that the second you let go of your resistance to doing it, then it will work it's manifesting magic on you too. 

Yes, the instant you start downloading it, and begin the 90 day Manifesting Experience, you will manifest, magnetize, and attract ANYTHING your heart desires.

All 150+ Testimonials were spontaneously emailed to me through the years, and yes they are all real might just BLOW YOUR MIND.
Are You Ready For The Deeper Truth?

I believe that the reason my Super Manifesting Program has become the oldest and most successful and effective online Manifestation courses on the planet today, is because it's rooted in a life-changing spiritual awakening I had in India in 1995. 

In this spiritual awakening, I received a sacred template containing the most precious information for manifesting anything I desired with effortless ease...

In my spiritual awakening experience, I realized the essential secrets to making anything possible. 

Yes, anything! 

Whatever you think is not possible in the world of manifesting, is absolutely possible.

My program has been working miracles in thousand's of lives since 2004, and it is constantly being proven to work every day. 

It is helping thousands around the world create the life of their dreams every day.

Yes, my life is living proof that dreams really CAN come true.

It is good to know that in the beginning, my life wasn't always so dreamy. 

I was over 20K in debt when I began channeling in this manifesting formula. 

I used to work at a psychic hotline for many years and made $400 a week. 

I had to borrow money from friends to survive.

This financial suffering, however, motivated me to do something drastically different. Which is how I got pulled into doing this metaphysical manifestation work on myself and with others. 

The good news is that it only took a few months until I was completely debt free, and a few years later I could retire.

Now, I spend my time traveling around the world. 

I live in Sweden in the Summers and Bali through the Winter months, traveling around the world giving Tantric Manifestor workshops with my beautiful partner. 

I can happily say now that I am living my dream life :) 

I love traveling and I have a very comfortable lifestyle, and it is ALL from the success of my Super Manifesting Program.

Here's a short meditation video I created along my spiritual journey with using the Super Manifesting Program. 

I invite you to notice the deeper levels of inner peace and clarity of thinking that show up for you in the few minutes of absorbing this brief enlightening experience...
So...Have You Decided What You Want 
To Manifest In The Next 90 Days Or Less?

Would you like to know the purpose of your life? 

I invite you to write down ANY desire or dream you have. 

Put it down in great detail... 

Find out what is exactly on your dream list. I invite you to jump on this assignment tonight and do it throughly, for you are about to receive the formula for manifesting anything and EVERYTHING that your heart desires.

In 1986, I started researching the science of manifesting. 

I've collected a TON of amazing information and I have made all the material for you online in videos, audios, e-courses and ebooks. 

You'll receive an entire University of online educational videos, manifesting meditations on MP3, PDF ebooks, inspiring email e-courses, and enlightening articles.

We are going to retrain your brain so that you abide in a powerful manifesting mindset 24 hours a day. 

When you're living in this higher state of mind, you see how EVEN A TEENAGER CAN LEARN HOW TO MANIFEST. 

Anyone can learn how to attract anything they want to have.

Manifesting is possible by increasing your Manifesting Vibration, which happens within 90 days of applying this program. 

The meditations and 8 habits routine will skyrocket your energy and consciousness.

When you start living at this higher vibration, whatever it is that you want will be magnetized to you faster than the speed of light.

I am going to say something a little crazy here. 

I know this program is truly magical. 

It transforms everyone who does it. 

So I'm going to give you my personal 100% Guarantee that my online Super Manifesting Program is going to create real miracles in your life. 

I cannot wait to hear you tell me about all the mountain peaks you've climbed in your life and how the Super Manifesting Program has helped you to start living your dream life...
It is Time to Breakthrough ALL of your Limiting Beliefs about What You Think Is NOT Possible!

This Program Will Reveal The Greatest Secrets That People Are Desperately Searching For Everyday...

Are you ready to stop working sooooo hard to pay your bills and learn the ancient secrets for tapping into the infinite source of manifesting energy hidden inside you?

You can access an unlimited manifesting power this week. 

It is ready to burst forth and it will allow you to manifest the dream life you've been hoping for. 

Your dream life is waiting for you...are you ready to take it?

It does not matter how old you are, how tired you are, how uneducated you are, how deeply stuck in debt you are, or how many dark personal emotional issues that you're facing. 

Whatever dream you desire to manifest will start effortlessly coming your way.

If you're a human being with any desire to learn and grow, this program is like your personal Manifesting Mastery University. 

It is an online school that focuses on who to master every aspect of your life. 

Money, relationships, health, food, spiritual connection, you name it...

Best of all, it's fun and easy to do. 

You'll be jumping out of bed tomorrow morning feeling totally turned on and excited about the future you're going to create!

The Super Manifesting Program is rock solid and proven to work. 

It has brought deep inner peace, financial abundance, enlightened relationships, radical healings, miraculous manifestations, peak states of energy/creativity into tens of thousands of people's lives from 65+ countries around the world. 

I want you to remember that all 150+ testimonials are from people who spontaneously decided to email their manifesting experiences to me. 

They were so astounded at how well this manifesting technology worked they had to reach out and personally tell me.

Some people who were stuck for months in a financial rut, suddenly attracted thousands of dollars in just one week. 

Other who couldn't sell their house for year found a buyer in less than 2 weeks!

If you feel stuck in your life, my best advice for you is do whatever you can to let go of any limiting beliefs you can find. 

Release the negative thoughts about yourself, and explore the idea that ANYTHING is possible in your future. 

Try to imagine that your future has infinite possibilities and you have absolutely NO limitations.
Ready To Learn How YOU Can Manifest The Most Successful Life That You Can Imagine?

When you follow my Super Manifesting Program everyday, in less than 90 days you will graduate with the most amazing testimonials as well. 

Imagine what is the greatest outcome you could ever manifest?

Try to understand #1 fundamental thing. 

There is an amazing UNIVERSAL power inside you that BIGGER than your problem. 

It is soooo BIG it can easily break through any fear, block and limitation you have. 

Once you learn how to unleash it's power, your dream will start manifesting.

So dream big my friend, for once this awesome ancient manifesting knowledge is ignited inside your body, you will start creating anything and everything that you can imagine.

I do not believe in ANY coincidences. 

I believe that some amazing force is guiding you. 

Let's call it your intuition, curiosity, or higher spiritual guide. Whatever name you put on it, it brought you to this website to elevate your consciousness and radically improve your life.

You are here because you are meant to be here. 

This online Manifesting University is a life changing opportunity every child, teenage and adult should have received. 

You are one of the lucky ones, for you have found this program today! 

You get to download the most effective online manifesting program the world has ever seen.

I strongly believe there are no accidents or coincidences in this world. 

Nothing is by chance. Everything you're experiencing is a direct manifestation of where you're focusing your energy, attention and consciousness. 

Perhaps the idea of Manifesting ANYTHING your heart desires with effortless ease is a big stretch for you? 

Yes, anytime we grow fast, we feel some form of stretching inside. 

I personally guarantee that when you follow this program for 90 days in a row, you are going to LOVE how your life feels.

When your greatest desires and dreams start showing up (in the most mysterious ways) you too are going to say "HEY JAFREE THIS PROGRAM ACTUALLY WORKS!"

Manifesting is a proven science that quantum physicists have come to accept today. 

They have proven in their labs that wherever you focus your mind's attention, atomic particles physically move there. 

They have also discovered that when you increase your vibration, the outer world FEELS that and responds accordingly.

This is the 21st century, and we now have a proven Manifesting Technology which has been researched, tested and fine tuned to ignite the most powerful results in your life.

It will open up and increase the Manifesting Vibration inside your body that will turn you into a Manifesting Magnet.

Anything is possible in the realm of manifesting...yes anything.
People Have Personally Said To Me After They Found This Webpage They Realized It Was The Luckiest Day Of Their Life
I think you'll notice that by simply reading through this webpage, you will feel an increase in your energy. 

This is because there is something amazing to be discovered here. 

In India I've found out that ANYTHING is possible in this life. If you can imagine it, you can manifest it. 

The real shift in your energy will begin to take root the moment you are 100% committed to it. 

When you take that first step towards creating a more empowered you, the Universe will follow. You'll feel it.
Jafree, Please Tell Me More...
Following the 8 habits manifesting routine every day, and I guarantee that you'll have more energy, clarity, focus, motivation and be able to sense what real success feels like!   

You will find yourself naturally being committed to the greatest possible future.

You will FEEL your natural ability to magnetize anything that you desire. 

You'll find the Manifesting Meditations in the program are beyond just 'powerful'. 

They will reprogram your subconscious mind, and feed it with NEW enlightening information which will resurface throughout your week. 

You will naturally begin to think, feel, and breathe like the unlimited abundant being you truly are! Reprogram your mind, transform your life. 

It's really that simple...

Yes, this program is a science and truly does work, and my life is living proof that the Super Manifesting Program is for real. 

I want you to understand how easy it actually is to start magnetizing the life of your dreams. 

Long ago (when I was 16) I realized my purpose in life was unusual. 

I discovered that I was born to show everyone how they can do what was once thought "impossible". 

Then, later in my journeys to India how to increase my body's Manifesting Vibration through meditation and instantly started seeing very magical things occur.

I started magnetizing anything I wanted easily and it all came to me effortlessly. 

When we have the right vibration, intention and state of consciousness, I could attract anything I wanted into my world. 

It all comes down to raising our Manifesting Vibration which is what you will discover inside of the Manifesting Manual.

The Manifesting Manual is now in audiobook and PDF formats for those who wish to learn these Manifesting Technology right from their phone wherever in the world they might be.
After you listen to the audiobook and follow the Manifesting Routine inside Chapter 9, you'll understand how Sunny was able to increase her financial frequency to manifest over $50,000 every month!
In fact, by applying the Manifesting Routine daily, you'll know exactly HOW to manifest anything you want, need or desire in your life. 
What's Inside The Super Manifestor Package?
  • The Super Manifesting Manual MP3 Audiobook ($197 Value)
  • The Manifesting Manual PDF E-book ($97 Value)
  • The 90 Day Manifesting Routine PDF E-book ($97 Value)
  • The Super Manifesting Video Goldpack ($97 Value)
  •  Affirmations to Manifest an Awakened and Abundant Life PDF E-book ($47 Value)
  •  101 Thoughts to Experience a Spiritual Awakening PDF E-book ($47 Value)
  •  The 8-Day Manifesting Magnet E-course ($47 Value)
  •  The Enlightened Manifestor Program PDF E-book ($47 Value)
  •  The Guided Meditation to Become a Manifesting Magnet ($47 Value)
  •  The Million Dollar Manifesting Meditation ($47 Value)
  •  Guided Meditation for Manifesting an Abundance of Money ($47 Value)
  •  The Guided Meditation to Meeting your Inner Financial Guru ($47 Value)
  •  The Money Mantra Manifesting Meditation ($47 Value)
  •  The Blue Room Manifesting Meditation ($47 Value)
  •  The Guided Meditation for Healing your Body, Mind and Soul ($47 Value)
  •  The Self Love Meditation - Merging with your Divine Essence ($47 Value)
  •  The Love Mantra Manifesting Meditation ($47 Value)
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  •  The Guided Meditation Journey into The Akashic Records ($47 Value)
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  •  The Guided Healing Journey for Children Meditation ($27 Value)
  •  The 12 Day Money Magnet Manifesting E-Course ($57 Value)
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The Manifesting Manual Audiobook

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The Manifesting Manual PDF

The Manifesting Manual has been described by many as the most comprehensive and complete manifesting guidebook on the planet. 

Within this 257 page e-book you'll receive 21 powerful manifesting meditations, 13 proven visualization exercises, 200 inspirational quotes, and the world's greatest secrets to manifesting.

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The 90 Day Manifesting Routine

This 48 page e-book is our most effective, FUN, and sought after aspect of our super manifesting program because it provides one essential thing...it produces massive RESULTS.

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The Enlightened Manifestor Program

 Perhaps the most enlightening aspect of the Super Manifesting Package is a compilation of the most inspiring and empowering articles on enlightenment and conscious manifesting. 

This powerful 187 page e-book contains the most inspiring articles that we have sent out to thousands of our readers since 2003. All together there are 52 enlightening articles, and each one contains a special "Manifesting Assignment" that will inspire and educate you on how to embrace your natural manifesting powers. 

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Affirmations to Manifest an Awakened, Empowered and Abundant Life

This amazing little 30 page e-book is a complete 90 day life transformational affirmation program within itself. 

It contains 300+ enlightening and powerful affirmations that will reprogram your mind, body and your life for instant success.

We have a special unique secret technique we'll teach you so that each affirmation goes directly and deeply into reprogramming your subconscious mind. You'll manifest successful relationships, an abundant financial situation, incredible job satisfaction, peak health and best of all the empowerment to manifest ANYTHING you desire! 

101 Thoughts to Experience a Spiritual Awakening

This powerful 106 page e-book contains 101 enlightening ideas that when put into action they will spark a spiritual awakening in your life.

By meditating on these thoughts you'll open your mind, awaken your heart and begin tapping into an unlimited source of divine power within you. Some say this information is the raw essential fuel that we all need to keep the spiritual fire continuously burning inside. 

Within a few days on this spiritually awakening journey you'll find a sweet warmth fills your heart, bringing more consciousness to the divine being that you already are! Get ready to experience an infinite spiritual source of life within you.

The 8-Day Manifesting E-course

This powerful online e-course will jumpstart your manifesting engines with the basic essential manifesting secrets. 

You'll receive 8 powerful manifesting lessons via EMAIL over 8 consecutive days. Each lesson contains manifesting wisdom and the practical knowledge on how to apply this empowering information to your life. 

You'll get 8 "homework assignments" which will inspire you and get your life moving into action! 

After your 8 Day experience has ended, you will receive a BONUS GIFT OF 2 FREE WEEKS of SPECIAL Enlightened Messages that will empower your life and heal your soul. 

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The Super Manifesting Video Goldpack

Inside this enlightening download you'll get to experience 27 Enlightening Videos that Jafree has personally recorded and speaks about everything we need to know to increase our natural manifesting ability and effortlessly attract everything our heart desires.

This personalized online experience with Jafree will boost your vibration through the roof.

These are heart driven enlightening messages from his soul, teaching you how to reach a deeper understanding of enlightenment, meditation, how manifesting works, how to move through your deepest blocks, create enlightening relationships, effortlessly release excess weight, increase your ability to manifest, enter an enlightened state of consciousness and MUCH much more. 

You'll also receive 5 FREE BONUS inspirational videos and 14 Personal Live Recorded Interviews with Jafree on MP3 Audio. 

This product in itself is an entire Manifesting University in itself. Get ready to start attracting that amazing life you soooo deserve.
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       About Jafree Ozwald:
Jafree Ozwald is a manifestation teacher, worldwide traveler, meditation master, and spiritual guide.

He has dedicated the last 23+ years of his life to discovering and revealing all of life's spiritual mysteries while sharing them with the world to benefit as well.

Jafree has now helped hundreds of thousands of people just like yourself from all over the world through his online spiritual portal of high vibrational material.

He now splits up his time between living in Thailand, UK and Colorado, teaching his Tantric Manifestor workshops and the secrets to living an enlightened life.  Each day Jafree continues to deepen his spiritual wisdom, his daily yoga/meditation practice and the many ways of giving back to the world.
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